Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stumbling toward Nirvana

I've been at this now for two that is. And the one true thing that i have learned is that i will always be confounded by the nature of the business that we are in..running a business on the internet.

i tumble, and tweet, i flickr and kaboodle, i 'm mashable and facebookable..i blog and i comment and it seems like the only thing i don't have time for is creating.

i love what i do, and i consider myself so lucky to make a living this way..i just never realized that 90% of my time would be spent promoting, listing, retweeting, and liking ..and just when you finish, it's time to do it again! Because this baby needs to be fed CONSTANTLY.

A typical day? well. we online business owners don't work 9 - 5..we work til we can't sit in the chair anymore..or our hands get numb from typing,drawing,painting,crafting..i for one, have invested heavily in Mineral Ice..i smell like menthol all the time, but i can move my neck.

Get up at 7..check your shop(s), relist , restock, convo your customers..promote on the threads, on your team sites..check links, get lost jumping from link to link, blog to blog..reading articles that tell you "how to" as you get lost in the countless steps and maze of adding counters and rss feeds and changing tags so that you get the most out of your SEO. Honestly, once i was in the midst of reading the third link on how to do something and i had absolutely no idea of where online i was, or what the language was that i was reading or what i had originally wanted to do, because it all seemed so complicated..i would like to think that i am a smart person, but a lot of this process brings me to my knees. I have developed a new repetoire of curse words.

Check your email
Go to comments, staus updates, wonder why EVERYBODy has more fans than's like a party that everyone's been invited to but you, and then you get the invitation, but you don't know how to get there and when you finally get there..everyone has gone to another party.

Start a new blog post..i stopped writing for awhile coz there was no time, but i missed it so now i try to write once a week and feel guilty coz there's still no time.

Hit twitter, reply to messages , check out followers, follow some more people and wonder if any of them ever visit my shops

Start to get hungry and realize it's 11:00 am..and time to renew some items in my shops..should i check the mail?

Now mind you, i have orders waiting to be painted , but the seductive quality of this constantly changing and morphing online entity calls me.."hey, what if a customer has a question? what if you got an order?what if you got "liked, tweeted,kaboodled,linkedin (insert your addiction here)?"

There are days that i feel like I've achieved my goal..i'm a business owner, in control, growing and learning, as my business moves forward.
And there are days like these, when i feel like there's a test today that i didn't study for and boy ,are my parents gonna be pissed.


  1. Oh Leslie, I certainly understand what you mean. Thanks for saying what all of us are thinking!

  2. Wow, you really nailed it! Sometimes I want to just go off and live on a desert island with my stacks of Beatles and Bonnie Raitt records ... total bliss. But then I come back to the harsh reality you described, the rat race of internet marketing! Thanks for your wonderful way with words, Leslie!

  3. Leslie my dear thumbs up on this delightful reality essay of internet marketing. So true so true. I find it more of a challenge these days to manage my time because I get lost in the process of spreading myself soooo thin across the wwworld of things. But I do love it and make wonderful friends that I hold dear in my you sistah♥ hugs

  4. I can't quit giggling, you crack me up! this is exactly it, you've nailed it right on the head. What a humorous look into our lives!!!

    Love, Kat

  5. your right! just keep at it my friend ~ Karen

  6. OMG!! This is all so true! Good thing you know how tell this in a funny way! Loved the blog post, you need to do more! LOL (only kidding, well... just a bit...)