Friday, April 22, 2011

Room To Grow

Creating a unique room for your child should be a fun experience, whether it's for a new baby's nursery or transitioning an older child to a "big kid" room. But a lot of parents freak out, unsure of what to do. And it is hard..what if this teeny little bundle is a jock or a ballerina or a rock and roller or a constuction worker? Well ,take heart. There's a relatively easy way to decorate without spending a fortune, and a lot of directions to go in.
When i do a mural , i usually try to talk new parents out of a "baby theme" like Winnie the Pooh or a character theme (anything Disney, Sesamee Street, cartoon character) cause it costs a lot (very labor intensive) and the little one will outgrow it very quickly. There's nothing like your 8 year old telling you that her room is for babies..i've seen grown women cry as they paint over Snow White and Cinderella.
Instead , trust your instincts, the same way you created an environment in your home. If you like soft colors, use them in your child's room, or vice versa with bold , bright colors.
And a themed room can be great fun..if you and your significant other are into sports, it's likely that johnny will like them too. into dance? music? nascar? decorate with a few cute items (piggy bank, frame, wastebasket, hamper) that won't break the bank, ( no pun intended) and when little susie hits puberty and paints her room black, it won't be that hard to move on.
Believe me, decorating a kid's room is much easier to deal with than puberty. Been there..barely lived thru i color my hair for a reason.


  1. It's all about trusting your instincts! Great blog, keep it up!

  2. Lol about the painting the room black! Why do I feel like batgirl just might do that? Nowadays she's not too happy about the serene colors I used in her room. She's bugging me for a "rainbow room". Doesn't she know that that will make her room look even MORE like a closet? Ah well- at least the white furniture will still go with rainbow...