Sunday, March 21, 2010

slumping into the sunset

when you're in a slump, it ain't fun.

you're in a constant state of pissiness which leads to negativity, which leads to reading comix under the covers with a flashlight , watching movies that you've seen 8 or 9 times and eating way too many sweet and salty foods. somehow, it's comforting watching "silence of the lambs"over and over (yeah, this slump is getting to me clarisse.. i think i need some fava beans and a nice chianti..)

on friday, i made up my mind that i would create a new piece of art this weekend. i have a folder filled with half sketched ideas, new characters, fully realized illustrations, all patiently waiting for their turn to come to life...and here it is sunday and the folder is just where it was last week..waiting. sometimes the only way to be creative is to take a break from creating.

i'll allow myself another night of chips, both potato and chocolate..and another round of "romancing the stone" or "goodfellas"..and tomorrow..well scarlett, "fiddledeedee!i'll break this slump, or die trying"...cue music from "gone with the wind" as i stand on a hill with my 16 inch waist, skirt blowing in the wind....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

feeling like spring

i love the way this day feels. every year, there's one day when you know that winter is over. yeah, it might snow again, and it's raining like mad outside, BUT!! winter is over.

i always wonder why i live in the northeast, coz i hate the cold so much , but it's where my family started out...i grew up in brooklyn and spent a long time in new york was great being a teenager and then being in my 20's in the late 60's (i know, you might think i'm old now, but in my head and my heart i'll always be 25). my friends and i used to take the bmt subway line to the village and hang out near the cafe wha and bleeker street. bob dylan bummed cigarettes off me and we used to sit outside with the lovin spoonful, listening to new songs, new sounds. the early concert at the fillmore turned into the late concert on the nights when the grateful dead played and i saw led zeppelin and janis joplin in their first concerts in new york..and those nights, hangin out, walking around like we owned the world, it felt like know those nights when the air is real still, and you can smell the leaves starting to bloom on the trees and the stars are in a sky so clear , you can count them.
it feels like that today..the promise of a beautiful day, a new season, new surprises...maybe tonight, i'll put on some music and bring the past to the present and dance with my man under the stars. peace