Monday, April 18, 2011

A House Divided

Lately, a lot of people have been requesting banks for their kids or nieces or godchildren that distinctly show their personalities. No, not the kid's personalities ..the people doing the buying!
It's so much fun to get to know the people that visit your shop. It's almost like meeting them in person as they start to explain why even tho the gift is for their best friend's new baby, and the best friend LOVES the Jets, would i please make a NY Giants bank . "Why?", i ask.."Because that baby can't grow up loving that pathetic team."
Recently, i had a request to create a bank with the Red Sox on one side and the Yankees on the other ..Mom was from Boston, Dad was from New York and they couldn't agree on a team for the new baby. I laughed iike crazy when the mom wrote to thank me and said that every time she went in the baby's room, she turned the bank around to the Boston side..and always found it on the New York side the next time she went in!
I guess the best part is i get to be part of the generational handing down of sports teams from parent to child..part of the family legacy that people take very seriously..but i can't help but wonder ..what if little reggie or serena decide on a team of their own? Well, you have the piggy bank, start saving for therapy.


  1. Love the Sox/NY bit! What a cool part of your job that I never thought of before :)

  2. Ha! Very cute! You have so much fun, don't you? :-)

  3. i do!! it's fun..i guess you have to like pleasing people and i do..i like figuring out what they's like a puzzle.

  4. How fun and funny Leslie! Like Jennie mentioned I would had not thought of this as part of your job. Very interesting and so true!