Sunday, September 19, 2010

My New Arrival

Well i said that i'd never have another baby, but i couldn't help myself!
After giving birth (really , it was like going thru labor!) to my shop, StymiepieStudios last year, it took so much work i couldn't imagine having another one.
I filled the shop full of handpainted items, but it was always hungry..always wanted more. I taught it to walk and talk in the forums and told the whole world via social media about my wonderful "child" and how fast she was growing up.But that heart tug started last year.."wouldn't it be nice to have another child, a little different from this one?maybe a "print shop" this time?" and the next thing i knew i was pregnant with ideas!! so full that i could barely get them from my head to the paper fast enough!! and last week, "RockandRollHart" was born!! Beautiful art prints and healthy rock caricatures and full of life!!
I felt a little guilty at first..Stymie was an only child and was used to getting all of my attention..but Rock is still little and sleeps most of the time..there's only been one sale, so i can still give Stymie extra time when i manage to sneak away from whatever caricature or print i'm wrapped up in.
Like most full time moms, i'm tired but happy!! And there's more than enough room on my heart for both of my "children". So come over and visit!! I love to show them off!! Have you seen my latest pictures?


  1. Your caricatures are so lovely, hehee and so is your personality! :D