Friday, May 6, 2011

Tryng To Swim Upstream

So here we are..all trying to carve out a little piece of web real estate. Each of us unique in our own creative way , we compete in this internet wasteland, hoping to reach the person that just at this very moment is desperately searching for us.

It's like being on some bizarre dating trot yourself out, with photos and witty comments, giveaways and contests..will you win their hearts? Will they "call" again?

And you always think that if you could just get some exposure or that one "lucky break", everything will change.. just one stroke of luck and you'll sell a million pictures, quilts, magnets, crochet dog hats, paintings of asparagus..well, what ever it is that you create, right? Well i don't wanna be the person that bursts your bubble or destroys your dream..but here's what happened to me in the last four months, and you might have noticed that i'm not a household name..or NOT noticed..that's the point!!

There's this great guy that i know and he knows EVERYBODY, i mean EVERYBODY!! When i started producing my rock and roll caricatures he said.."Hey. give me a few of those, i know some guys that might like them.." and he went out to dinner with some of his buddies and the next time i saw him, he gave me an order for my Ringo caricature.."Yeah, Ringo's manager loved it, so he bought one and he's taking it to L.A this weekend to give it to him"..and he said it so nonchalantly, like someone saying "hey, i like fries..can you pass me some?" My reaction? Beside the supreme adrenalin rush, was....RINGO? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME????? i thought.."this will change my life..Ringo will call and he'll want one for Paul, and of course he'll want to meet me and have dinner and talk about my fabulous hair....BUT, i digress. That was four weeks ago..and even tho i do check my messages, Ringo has not called..neither has Paul. I'm thrilled that he has a piece of my art, but so far we haven't shared hair product secrets.

A site that i work with recently invited me to participate with a goodie bag item for the MTV MOvie Awards, to be given out to the pregnant and new mommy celebrities at this June's ceremonies..EXCELLENT!! i was thrilled, and started on the enormous task of handpainting 50 wipes cases with original designs in a week..and while i painted i fantasized..who would get one? Kate Hudson? Jessica Alba? Mariah Carey? And then they would discover my shop, and decorate their baby's room with a stymiepie cart full of products. It was only after i sent them out that i realized that most celebritys don't change their babys' diapers..the nannies now i'm hoping that the nannies visit my shop..i'm equal opportunity..WELCOME NANNIES to the famous and semi- famous!!

And then there was the INC. magazine photo announcement was posted on Etsy that the magazine was having a photo shoot that would include 100 of the artisans that were able to show up in NYC at a loft, and accompany an article on their shops and Etsy. The opportunity of a lifetime!! I got there, filled out a questionnaire about myself and my stores..filled with insight and humor..had my picture taken by a mad photographer who LOVED my hair (hahaha) and in the weeks that followed, as i frantically searched every Barnes and Noble in a 25 mile radius for the magazine, i thought.."This is it!! People will read about me and connect and the sales will pour in!! How will i keep up? How many banks do they expect me to paint in a week? I'll need help..!!" And then the magazine came out.....and actually could hear the crickets, it was so quiet in my shops. The article was about the founder of Etsy, and there was a two page spread with our faces in 1" x 1" squares with our names underneath. No shop names, no witty or insightful comments, no info. Just an article on the guy who started it all , who doesn't seem to be having a problem with money.

So here's the point of all this... I'm beginning to realize that there will always be great opportunities filled with potentail but the magic is inside each of us..we will create the lucky breaks by never giving up on our dreams. I will keep a candle burning in the shop window for Ringo and all the pregnant famous ladies but i'll remember to believe in myself.
Now, i have to go out and buy some Lottery tickets, cause i have a really good feeling ..feeling lucky..OH!! did i tell you that Bethenny Frankel has one of my wipes cases and a print?......what if she stops by? i should make coffee....


  1. Fantastic post, Leslie! I find it amazing that you've even had those amazing opportunities! You're quite lucky. :-)

  2. You are a STAR! Awesome, Leslie!
    You are famous! I love your work.
    Jul's Sew Crazy
    Jul's Craft Crazy

  3. again a wonderful blog post! I really enjoy your style of writing and can't wait for more of it!
    Believe in yourself, that's the only miracle any of us really need, and everyone knows it's a tough world out there, so we all just have to keep on going step by step and move forward... :-))

  4. You ROCK my world Leslie!!! Great post and I love your style of writing too!!

  5. What a wonderful post! You have an amazing talent and love that you had these opportunities - your break will come someday :) Keep creating!

  6. Great post!
    Yay for wonderful opportunities which don't forget you created by being who you are. I am in awe of your talent and love to see where it will take you next.......
    You are already a sucess , you have two rocking shops, you enjoy what you do and who knows the places you'll go
    btw- you have wonderful hair!!

  7. You are a complete nut and I love you! I believe in you, you make me proud of you every day. And believe me, if you are okay with MamaK, you're okay!!! ;)