Friday, May 29, 2009

wrap your karma around me baby

we live in a world where we expect the worst. it's almost funny that we're surprised when someone is nice to us. i joined etsy exactly 2 months ago and i'm getting used to the abnormal pleasure of consistently decent, kind people. you ask a question on the forums, you get patient, detailed get links, you get tutorials, you get laughs..and a lot of them come from your competitors. i'm enjoying myself almost to the point of feeling guilty about it..and i'm learning how to run a business from these men and women who share their tips and tricks and positive encouragment. someone makes their first sale..everyone posts and cheers them on, someone can't make a sale..everyone rallies and tells them not to give up. we really are a community in the best sense of the word, and for my part , i'd like to shine a light on some of the best i've met so far. true to the name of her shop..she posted a thread to give away a help booklet to anyone that had done something nice for someone else. and fabulous soap!, helpful,in any thread, willing to share tips and advice. great shop,positive, helpful...always.gorgeous pieces,with encouragement and laughs for a newbie (me), great pieces,fair but gentle critiques.,beautiful jewelry new seller, with a great lavendar soap that drove my man crazy.

so now do something for's just gonna take you a minute to check out these wonderful etsy'll probably find something new, something you like..maybe even make a purchase..or start a new friendship or, make a sale of your own. but most importantly, you'll be passing the good karma on..being nice for no particular reason than it just feels so damn good..peace out ..share the love.


  1. That's such a nice thing to do. I'm also pretty new to Etsy and I've found it to be a surprisingly warm and friendly place too. I'll be sure to check out those stores right now so have a little bit of good Karma on me.
    Cat x

  2. Thanks so much!! Great blog!

  3. Nice to see someone who believes in giving back! Best of luck in all you do! Great blog - I'm following now :)


  4. Karma has a memory and one day a newbie will list you as well. Thank you for paying it forward for those who have helped you on Etsy! Good luck to you, love your piggies!

  5. This is a great post Leslie! And you're absolutely right! Etsy truly is a wonderful community and I too am so grateful for all I've learned and gained there so far! Nice blog!

  6. Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it! May the good karma fairy visit your shop often and grace you with many sales. I absolutely love your shop!

    I too believe in giving back to the wonderful Etsy community, so I created my two special blogs:
    The Etsy Handbook
    and Treasures of Etsy

    Thanks again!