Thursday, May 28, 2009

they say it's your birthday

every year , on this day, i am older. i look forward to my birthday like a child. i'd expect balloons, and clowns and confetti and times square at midnight excitement..i wanted everyone to know and make a big deal and feel like i was sooo special. and until recently, i was always a little disappointed. over the last two years, as i 've gotten older than i'd like to admit on these pages, i've realized that the gift is your birthday itself.. for every year, if you're lucky, you get smarter and hipper and cooler and yeah, even sexier, because if you are really lucky like me, you finally learn to love yourself. it's been a lifetime of getting to know myself and trust myself and like myself..and boy ,was it hard! i had my list..i'm too short, i need to lose weight, my hair is too curly, i'm not a good enough artist, mother, friend, lover,..i know that you're all out there with lists of your own..throw them away!! start the "i love myself" movement! believe in your ability and worth and embrace your goofy face, and imperfect smile and little boobs, big boobs, straight hair, curly hair, upper lip moustache..and trust all the people that love you to have excellent judgement..every day feels like my birthday now, because i like who i am..and i wish all of you a happy birthday every day of your lives too.(and just for the record, i'm celebrating the **th anniversary of my 25th birthday)

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