Friday, May 15, 2009

help me find myself

i'm lost..lost in a sea of web sites and bookmarks and hundreds of web commerce ideas and threads i need to read.. to learn about international shipping and free boxes and hidden ups pick charges, and google base and twitter and tweets( what the H#***!!) do you twit or tweet? what IS the exact term for twitter speak anyway?..where was i ? oh, yeah, and blogs , and blogging, and followers and following, and posting ( posting, not going postal) and tax id numbers and sales tax, and paypal, and hits, and clicks, and misses. when do i paint? eat . create? my pinky has a cramp from holding it up in the air while i type like a five year old child who's just learned how to spell..i still can't post a link..or reply to a twit..tweet, without either sending a direct message by mistake, or leaving something really important off the url. i'd give up and eat ice cream directly out of the container til i was disgusted with myself, but i can't..because i've finally started my online business, after years of saying i didn't know how, or i would never sell anything..and so i;m committed to this little baby i've given birth to..i will nurture her and tend to her needs, and i will take such good care of her that she will grow and be better than anything i'd ever imagined...and then , one day, she'll turn me ....but by then i will have read all the articles and plowed thru the twits and tweets , and i'll just start another store. take that , you ungrateful child.

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  1. Sisterfriend.... I am right there with you! It's all enough to make one mad due to the lack of sleep we get just thinking about everything we need/want/should do to make ourselves successful! Just wanted to let you know I featured you in my blog today!