Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why i draw and draw and draw......

I cannot have a piece of paper near me if i have a pen or pencil in my hand.
The need to cover that blank surface overwhelms me , like the need for chocolate or coffee or (insert your drug of choice here).
Amazingly, there's always something in my head that needs to come from my hand onto that beautiful, clean, waiting empty space.
This illustration is an example. I hadn't even thought about summer, hot dogs, laughing dogs, or chubby little kids eating too many apples, but there was the paper and zoom!! began.
I'm embarassed to tell you that "the Andy Griffith" show theme was on tv and the next thing i knew, there was an apple pie on the window sill (yeah, Aunt Bea's voice and kids' laughing = 4th of July) and a kid with his shirt up over his belly and a laughing dog and the other kids just miraculously appeared to join him,so that he wouldn't be alone.
I created this print just a short time ago, but so many people pre-ordered it that i decided to list it on Etsy and Artfire so that more people could enjoy it. I guess that it evokes a time that triggers good memories in people..a safer, gentler time when you could be goofy with your friends and smell an apple pie cooling on a window sill.
I'm just grateful that my art reaches an emotional place in people, cause it comes from an emotional place in me.


  1. Aww, I love this post, Leslie. I love hearing about where your creations come from and how you make them. Thank you so much for sharing your loveliness. :-)

    P.S. I adore the clothesline. :-)

  2. I ♥ the dog and the apple pie! Wonderful that you share just where your inspiration arrives from.