Saturday, April 24, 2010

the gifts in our lives

Most of my posts lately are about creating and being an artist .
But today i've been lucky enough to have an experience that reminded me that there are things and people in your life that have such a profound effect on you , that you have to acknowledge them.
We take so much of the bad news and sorrow in life as commonplace, that the good things seem to fade into the background. When someone acts simply out of the kindness and good in their nature, it should be celebrated and told to everyone that will listen!
I had an experience like that today. Someone who has not known me very long and has never met me personally , treated me with such generosity and love today that it was extraordinary .She didn't do it for the thanks or the "karma".She said that she'd been so blessed that she wanted to be able to share her good fortune.And it moved me to tears..and it made me realize that we don't know how lucky we are or how the people we know care about us, want us to be happy, want to help and make a difference in our lives.
I won't spoil her gesture by using her name here..that's not how she meant it. But i will promise that when i am similarly blessed and have an opportunity to impact someone's life simply by acting on a good impulse, i will do it without hesitation, in her good name. And my hope is , that everyone that reads this will do something for someone else, simply for the joy of it. Here's to my angel.. you know who you are and i thank you with all of my heart.


  1. A lovely gesture to a very deserving person ... you!

  2. Leslie this is a wonderful post and reminder how precious it is to be grateful for loving gestures.

    Mahalo for sharing your blessing!♥

  3. I know who you are talking about...teehee! I agree, she is an angel!

    And guess what, Stymie...I'm following you now!


  4. Beautifully written, and clearly heartfelt. Thanks for helping me remember that our angels come in many forms, from many places... and that they are usually there when you need them :)

  5. COOL! I know who you are talking about also!! She is a great lady! Nice of you to write about it!

  6. Even from across so many miles I know you are a sweet, caring,wonderful person. You are truly an earth bound angel with so many special talents.


  7. Stymie, I'm following you too! I love it when someone does something nice just because. Restores my faith in the human race.


  8. thank you to everyone that has stopped to respond..i'm grateful to have people like you care about is amazing, isn't it?

  9. This is so sweet and inspiring. :-)