Friday, June 19, 2009

the emerald city

and so i drove into nyc this morning to reproduce ( i should say "to try and reproduce..explanation to follow) some of my original artwork. the drive in was relatively easy but as i was going all the way downtown to the tip of manhattan, into the "soho" district i had to take the holland tunnel . let me explain that i have sucessfully avoided tunneling under manhattan for all of my driving life. i'm ok on a bridge. i love playng chicken with taxis. BUT the idea of being in a tunnel under the hudson river with tons of water (polluted with toxic waste, sea slime and quite possibly the loch ness monster) fills me with a quivering, jaw numbing dread. paul ( my man) was with me. that made it easier. but the fact that i had almost killed us both seconds earlier, while neglecting to see an oncoming car, did not make me calmer as i entered the tunnel. i started to think about a really bad movie i had seen years ago with sylvester stallone, when he gets trapped in the lincoln/holland tunnel with the really cute sexy girl love interest, the really cute he could be my son little boy and the really fiesty old lady who dies of a heart attack..if i was in the movie who would i be? the really nervous artist with a fear of drowning in a tunnel?(i can't swim) ok, i tell myself, you could be the really sexy (it's my blog!) redhead with nerves of steel but an irrational fear of tunnels. i see daylight ahead..and we're....out!! ok, now i have to drive on the cobblestoned streets of lower manhattan..maybe the tunnel was better...


  1. I hate tunnels of any kind, but those under water scare me the worst. And I am not wild about bridges. Nor tall buildings, or up on a mountain top.

    Give me an ocean view--:)

  2. LOL! I completely understand about the tunnels. I remember a certain "panic" feeling taking the BART under the Bay on a business trip many years ago.