Thursday, June 9, 2011

Groundhog Day

i woke up this morning and had my first cup of coffee and read the paper and laughed at the idiot politician and his need to share his underpants pictures.

and i went online and answered my mail and convos and shared some stories with friends and promoted my work and got into the studio at 10 am and started to paint..and stopped to research the justin bieber bank that i was painting (no, i am not kidding) and then i had to peek at my mail and then went back to the bank and then it was time for lunch..but i had to finish something before i stopped to eat, so i painted a wipes case and went downstairs and hated all the lunch choices , so i made more coffee and read the paper and laughed about an idiot politician who thought that paul revere was warning the british.

and i went upstairs and painted justin and then i went online and answered some mail and convos and did some research on a new group of caricatures that i want to do and then finished the bieber bank.

and then i started a step stool and while the name was drying finished another wipes case, and realized that i had to order some inventory and was on hold with a supplier til i realized that i had listened to the same music for so long that i was humming a tune that i had never heard before.

so i finished the step stool and it was time for dinner.

and after dinner, i went upstairs and went online and answered some email and convos and shared some comments on facebook and promoted my work and realized that i couldn't remember what day of the week it was. i am living the movie "groundhog day".


  1. haha... been there! (And I love that movie... it's one that I don't pick to watch, but when it's on TV, I get sucked in and forget to change the channel.) Jul
    Jul's Sew Crazy

  2. thanks for sharing, I have had days like this too...hope your week is awesome!

    enjoy *~*