Friday, February 26, 2010


well...i'm stunned that i've been away from these pages since november.. i'm overwhelmed by guilt..feeling like a really bad could i abandon my blog, barely a year old? just leave it to sit, alone , unattended, unloved, like a baby bird waiting for it's mother to come back?

there are no excuses..i've been working hard , building my business on and off etsy, and the holidays brought a great deal of work, for which i'm very grateful..but this blog is special to me..a creative outlet for ideas and hopes and dreams. my blog doesn't judge me.. it waits , patiently,always welcoming, just lets me be who i am..impulsive, imaginative, slightly crazy and always, always trying to be a better person.

and so, blog, i am sorry for leaving you for so long . i will try to treat you with the respect and love you deserve in this relationship. i promise to fill you with interesting thoughts and witty observations, and feed and water you. because i need you and i've missed you. please take me back, love leslie


  1. You are welcomed back with open arms! So glad to see you here again :))) xo Rosey

  2. I have missed you too.
    Hugs, Ana