Saturday, September 12, 2009

you can't pick your relatives

like most artists, i make my living creating.

it is a frustrating , exhausting, exhilerating, horrible,wonderful and incredibly fulfilling process.

i've never been as aware of my work, as i am now. it seems that it's taken on a life of it's own. my brain signals my hand and we're off!! it's not like i sit down and think "what do i want to draw today?" the concept appears in my mind, almost fully realized and as i draw, it transforms into this almost "real" thing , complete with a personality and a history all it's own.

go to my shop, look at the prints, and there they are..born from my imagination, taking on a life of their own...

"oliver" the mouse seems carefree, almost giddy, balanced on that ball..if you asked, i could tell you that he is the youngest in his family, and gets away with murder..he smiles, and cons you into doing exactly what he wants. "fairy dreaming" is the pretty one in her group of friends/fairys, and all the others secretly dislike her, but they all pretend to be her friend, coz they don't want to piss her off, or she'll throw them out of the group. "fairy and butterflies" is a true free spirit..doesn't care what anyone thinks, does what she wants and all the boy fairies want to hang out with her, and watch fairy football (fairy dreaming hates that!)" hey hey , we're the monkeys" drive everyone nuts! they are obnoxious and loud and for fun, go into all the other prints and take things. and the "dancing ducks", are far more sophisticated than they seem..two of them are bi-lingual and one just got a masters degree in duck aerodynamics, which they tell me is quite a feat for something so cute,short and for the fourth, well, he's got a serious disco habit and stays up all night eating worms and dancing,..the others are tired of carrying him. "the little witch" and the "lucky fairy" are actually first cousins but it's been a family secret for a long time..something about someone getting lost in the forest and meeting a handsome , magical stranger and , well, you know how these things are. no one really talks about it, but during the holidays, someone has too much to drink and....
i could go on, but whats the point? they are my "children" and i accept them, no matter how strange, or messed up they are..after all, if i don't love them, who will?


  1. I would love to meet "oliver" here on your blog post. I see writing about him and yet, unless I'm really sleepy still this sunday morning, I don't see a mouse on your blog. I see some really cute birdies kicking up their heals about something that makes them all very happy.
    ~ Ux

  2. Leslie, I loved reading all about your friends and family members. <3

  3. ux!! you have to go to my shop, and look at my prints..they are my "children" LOL!! you need more coffee, and i have to write a little more clearly!!!